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The Belgian beer shop is operated by Maltabrew Ltd
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We offer beers from the following Belgian breweries...

Van Steenberge brews in the village of Ertvelde, 15 km north of the city of Gent (Ghent). The brewery started out back in the 1700s as a farm that brewed beer only for home consumption. Today it is a medium sized family run company committed to brewing world-class beer and to remaining independent. It produces a wide range of beer styles that it sells throughout Belgium and also exports them to much of the world including the Netherlands, the USA, the UK, Spain, Italy, Russia and Malta. The brewery produces a wide range of beer styles with alcohol strengths from 3.5% to 10.5%. We stock almost all their most beers. These are: The Augustijn range (Blond, Donker (dark) and Grand Cru (tripel), their 2 very strong barley wines Piraat and Gulden Draak (both 10.5%), their 5% Amber Ale Bruegel,from their Bornem range( dubbel, tripel and red), Luetebok, Monks Cafe (a slightly sour aged red/brown ale) andtheir new wheat beer,Baptist White
Duvel Moortgat's brewery is at Puurs Breendonk in Antwerpen province. They are one of Belgium's biggest independent breweries. They prove you can be big and produce excellent beer. Over recent times the business has bought a number of breweries too and now own Liefmans, Achouffe and De Konninck in Belgium as well as breweries in the USA and the Czech republic. Of the beers brewed at Puurs Breendonk we stock much of their range as follows: Their most famous beer, Duvel which is exported all over the world. The range of 3 Abbey beers for the Maredsous monstastry at Dinant. And under their Vedett brand a Wheat/Wit/White beer and an IPA
‘Brasserie d’ Achouffe’ was founded in 1982 It is situated in the green heart of the Belgian Ardennes, and specialises in brewing high quality speciality beers. Their beers are easily recognisable due to the friendly elf used to decorate the labels. Elves and other goblins are amongst the most well known characters in myths and legends from the Ardennes. Achouffe was purchased by Duvel Moortgat some years ago.. We sell LA CHOUFFE which is golden blond fruity ale, Chouffe Houblon ( an India Pale Ale) McChouffe ( a dark "Scotch Ale"and Chouffe Soliel(a light, blond summer beer),Cherry Chouffe (La Chouffe flavoured with Cherry). And N'Ice Chouffe (their winter/christmas stong ale
Liefmans have brewed their famous Flemish Brown Ale and Fruit beers at Oudenaarde since 1679, but in the late 20th and eary 21st centuries has had a turbulant history. in the 1980s the business was run by the formidable Madam Rose Blansquart-Merkx. For a time it was owned by Vaux of Sunderland (England) where her son spent some of his formative brewing years. Then the Riva group acquired Liefmans but they went bankrupt! The brewery was saved with its aquisition by Duvel Moorgat who are investing in the site. And the famous Kriek and Goudenband beers continue to be supplied. Duvel have also added new fruit beers called Fruitesse and Yell'oh created to drink "on the rocks". We have all 4. For winter we have 75cl bottles of a variant of the Kriek called Gluhkeiek, which is intended to be served hot like a hot toddy.
Abbey of Our Lady of the Sacred heart at Westmalle near Antwerpen has the second larget of the Trappist breweries. They are usually credited with creating the beer styles called Dubbel and Tripel, much copied by commercial breweries. Dubbels are dark malty beers with a strength of 6 to 8% whilst Tripels are blond beers with a strength of 8 t0 9.5%. We have both Westmalle Dubbel(7%) and Westmalle Tripel(8.5%)
Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy near Rochefort has a small brewery with a huge reputation for strong dark ales - they only brew dark beers. They helped set up Achel below. We have all 3 of their beers. Rochefort 8 is their main product, it is dark and fruity and is 9.2% alcohol. Rochefort 10 is 11.3% alcohol and very complex. A sipping beer, a night cap on a cool winters night, a dessert after a meal, an alternative to port. And its expensive too. Whilst Rochefort 6 at 7.5% is a lighter offering - both in alcohol and colour.
Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont near Chimay has the largest of the Belgian Trappist breweries. we have three of their four beers. The beers are usually named by the colour of the crown cork. Red is dark fruity and 7%, White is an 8% ale in the "triple" style, whilst Blue is a strong 9% dark ale
Saint Benedictus-Abbey at Achel near the Belgian border with the Netherlands brewed beer upto 1917 when the brewery was destroyed during the war.They re started brewing in 1998 with the help of Rochefort above and are still very small but are already held in high regard by beer experts. We have Achel Blond an excellent 8% ale.
De Koningshoeven Brewery is within the walls of the abbey Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven in the Netherlands uses the "La Trappe" branding and has had a controversial history due to its involvement with commercial brewing companies and was stripped of its "TRAPPIST" status. But that is behind them them, they are a TRAPPIST brewery again and are of a similar size to Westmalle. We have La Trappe Blond, Quadrupel, Tripel, Isador,and Witte.
  Leon Huyghe purchased a small brewery in the village of Melle, now a suberb of Gent in 1906. The brewery has grown considerably since their creation of its flagship beer Delirium Tremens in 1988.The growth has also come from purchasing of other breweries and aquiring a number of well establish Belgian beer brands.They also brew an abbey beer in conjuction with Averbode abbey in Diest. We currently have Delirium Tremens, Delirium Tremens Red, Delirium Tremens Red, Averbode Abbey Beer,La Guillotine, and a selection of Floris and Mongozo Fruit Beers. The for Christmas we have Delirium Noel

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